Tokenized Investment: How Does It Work?

May 26, 2021

Learn everything you need to know about tokenized investment in this introductory article.

Understand how this innovative investment method operates, its advantages and limitations, as well as the key assets to invest in.

Part 1: What is Tokenized Investment?

Tokenized investment is a novel investment method that utilizes blockchain technology to create tokens representing digital assets such as real estate, artwork, NFTs, or startup shares. Tokens are a form of digital currency, distinct from bitcoins, as they are created to represent real assets like properties, artworks, startup shares, or other types of digital assets. Blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information, transparently, securely, and without a central control authority. It functions as a decentralized ledger, storing and securely sharing information. Each block in the chain contains a list of transactions and a reference to the previous block, forming a blockchain.

How Are Investment Tokens Created?

Tokens are generated through smart contracts, which are self-executing programs governing token creation, distribution, and management. Smart contracts are essentially computer codes that regulate token operations. They are programmed to adhere to specific rules, ensuring fair and transparent token distribution. Investors can purchase tokens during an initial token sale (ICO) or on an exchange platform after the initial issuance. Tokens represent a portion of underlying asset ownership, offering investors exposure to asset value without physically holding the asset itself.

Part 2: How Do Blockchain Investments Work?

Tokens are created through smart contracts called SMART CONTRACT. These are self-executing programs that govern token creation, distribution, and management. For these smart contracts, has partnered with Swiss provider Mt Pelerin. Once tokens are created, investors can purchase them in an initial token sale (ICO) or on an exchange platform like BRIDGE WALLET after the initial issuance. Tokens represent a share of the underlying digital asset ownership, providing investors exposure to asset value without physically holding the asset. To simplify: tokens grant access to revenue and benefits without the need for management involvement and with risk dilution.

Part 3: Advantages and Risks

Tokenized investment offers numerous benefits, including enhanced liquidity, cost reduction, and greater transparency. Investors can acquire tokens with relatively low amounts, opening investment opportunities to a broader audience. Tokenized investment provides accessibility to investments traditionally reserved for institutional investors. Traditional assets like real estate and NFTs come with high entry costs and are often inaccessible to individual investors. Tokens, however, can be fractionated into smaller units, allowing investors to buy fractional ownership with lower initial investments. Tokenized investment offers heightened transparency and financial security. Transactions are recorded on the blockchain, tracking fund origins and ensuring fair token distribution. Moreover, blockchain technology's high security reduces fraud and manipulation risks. Tokenized investment also offers greater liquidity; tokens can be traded on exchange platforms, allowing easier buying and selling compared to traditional assets. Traditional assets like real estate and artwork are often illiquid, making quick sales challenging. With tokens, investors can enter and exit positions more flexibly. Lastly, tokenized investment presents higher potential returns compared to traditional investments. Digital assets often have shorter lifecycles, potentially yielding higher returns in less time. Token fractionation enables easy portfolio diversification, reducing risks. However, tokenized investment also entails risks like price volatility, capital loss, and security concerns.

Investors must conduct due diligence before investing in tokens and understand potential risks.

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