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you would like to invest in CRYPTOCURRENCY but it FEELS blurry?

It may seem complicated to you, but don't you know it's the future? You're right: cryptocurrencies are the future, and taking the first step alone can be challenging. Today, cryptocurrencies are one of the best assets for achieving a solid return on investment. They provide 100% transparency on your investment, as well as your performance and predictability. That's why our solutions are here to simplify your life. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to

Calculate your
return on investment

$heritages1 gets you 12,5% return on investment: 125 $
$heritages2 gets 20,7% return on investment: 207 $
$heritages3 you get 31% return on investment: 310 $

Choose your profitability



Token $Heritages1, for conservative profiles

The $HERITAGES1 present a level of risk 1 and a possible return of 12.5% ​​over 24 months.



Token $Heritages2, for
innovative profiles

The $HERITAGES2 present a level of risk 2 and a possible return of 20.7% over 24 months

Diversified to maximize

Our algorithm invests your money to create the most performing product. No matter your goals, we craft a diversified investment solution to maximize your gains.

Made for retail investors

Retail investors generally don't have access to the most performing investment solutions. Because we care, we created those products, especially for each of you.

backed up by experts

No worries; our algorithm is based on our experts' logic and recommendations. Even if technology do wonders, we make sure to double check everything.

how does it work
what is tokenization?

Tokenizing your investment is the safest way to ensure your gain, safety and transparency of your investment. Here's how it works.

We gather the most performing assets and encrypt it
We create a final secured product
You buy it and become an investor
WE help people
do more

With, we give access to people just like you the opportunity to do more. And by doing more, we mean, live, create, and even dream more. Not only because you need it, but because you deserve it.

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