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Frequently asked questions

What is a Token?

A Token is a digital token representing a digital unit that can be exchanged on a blockchain. Each HERITAGES.IO Token is composed of several digital assets. There are three types of HERITAGES.IO TOKENS: HH1, HH2, and HH3, with the number per collection limited to 4950 units.

What's the minimum i can invest?

Investment in HERITAGES.IO starts at 1000 CHF/€ per WHOLE TOKEN (no fractional Tokens exist). For the sake of transparency and democratization, access to the highest yield in HERITAGES.IO is not conditioned on a larger initial investment.

What are the risks ?

The level of risk is proportional to the associated yield. The yield is not guaranteed; like any investment, the capital is at risk, and the investor may lose all or part of the investment. The targeted yields are optimized through various calculation and forecasting tools. If you would like more details, please refer to the whitepapers of each Token available on the website (check directly in our Footer).

What are the returns?

The weighted return calculated in a conservative mode for each HERITAGES.IO TOKEN over a maximum of 24 months: ✅ $HERITAGES1: 12.5% ✅ $HERITAGES2: 20.7% ✅ $HERITAGES3: 31% The stated percentage may vary, possibly less or more.

What are the fees?

In line with blockchain transparency, there is a 15% one-time fee on the initial investment. This low cost is possible because HERITAGES.IO holds 100% of the assets. Also, there are no other fees upon selling TOKENS, unlike other cryptocurrency investment companies that charge exit fees and fees on performance.

When will the returns be paid?

At the end of the recommended maximum period of 24 months, each investor will receive the targeted dividends directly in ETH to their wallet in a single payment when the HERITAGES.IO team arbitrages the digital assets of the tokens.

Is there a cumulative effect?

Since HERITAGES.IO's targeted dividends are paid in one lump sum, there is no compounding effect or compound interest. It is up to each investor to reinvest this amount in new HERITAGES.IO TOKENS.

Is the investment blocked, if so for how long?

The investment is not locked. Each HERITAGES.IO investor can retrieve their initial investment at any time based on the market price, in which case they forgo the targeted income when selling the assets.

Are dividends taxable?

Depending on the country of taxation, generally, dividends are not taxable as long as the conditions are met. For example, in France, taxation occurs if the investor transfers cryptocurrency from a wallet to an exchange (Binance, Kraken, CoinBase) and sells it for euros.

What to do with my ETH?

Since ETH is a cryptocurrency, it can be used to purchase HERITAGES.IO TOKENS or acquire goods and services.

What management should be planned once the Tokens have been purchased?

After the acquisition of HERITAGES.IO TOKENS, the investor doesn't need to manage anything.

Who sells the Tokens?

Each investor being full owner of the Tokens acquired, the HERITAGES.IO team manages the sale of the digital assets comprising the tokens and the distribution of targeted dividends.